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The Awesome Graphic Design Portfolios

Creating stunning graphic design portfolios is an open task for interpretation. There is no single way to present a portfolio. In a way, it’s okay because it means that you are free to experiment and showcase your creativity in designing your website. But because it opens up so many paths, it can create a tyranny of choice, making it difficult to find the perfect direction for you.

It can be helpful to look at the graphic design portfolios created by your colleagues, not only to be inspired by your work, but also to discover the methods of self-promotion that you have used. Looking at these wallets, you can decide what you do and what you don’t like, which makes it clear to you what you want to achieve.

If you need even more ideas, check out our more comprehensive list of design portfolios that are sure to inspire you. And here are some tips for content included on your brand new portfolio website.

01. Jean-Pierre

Alex Coven, in his own words, “wears three hats”, as a freelance graphic designer, letter writer and front-end developer based in Chicago, USA. He literally illustrates these hats on the homepage, which is a brilliantly simple way to convey the depth of his skills and experience.

Scroll down on his website to see his work, and on each of them for more information about this project. The intelligent use of color overlays again acts as a simple device to keep things distinctive and interesting.

02. Jean-Pierre Kfouri

Rafael Kfouri is an award-winning graphic designer currently working for AlmapBBDO. He previously worked at Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

The one-page portfolio website is a tricky thing, but Kfouri manages well to give his colorful and evocative images – including unique images and collages – room to breathe. If you give them almost the entire width of the screen, with only a few thin sidebars for context, visitors will be able to enjoy and enjoy the wide range of his work at a quiet pace.

There is only the simplest information about each project, and to be honest, we would like to see more. But as a way to intelligently present graphic eye candy and with a minimum (if any) of clicks to access the goodies, this portfolio offers a lot of inspiration.

03. Jean-Marie Le Pen

With almost 20 years of experience in design, Heather Shaw designs brochures, menus, business cards, books, annual reports, PowerPoint and keynote presentations, responsive websites, anything apps everything your customers need, in short. And his impressive website portfolio combines all this diverse work with simplicity and elegance.

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